Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Goals

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I keep hearing that writing down your goals for a coming year will increase the chances of your fulfilling your goals and not abandoning them.  So I figure I'll write them here so that my readers can understand that my life and business twine into one.  With this unique perspective I find many see it as a bad thing and worry that my priorities are higher in other places.

I live a life different to most.  My husband and I have basically switched the traditional roles, however, many employers believe my son will take me away from my work.  I've actually had an employer's wife say this to my face when I said I was pregnant.  This is the farthest thing to the truth.  My husband and his mother are here if my son needs a parent when he's at school or ill.  I'm the one that goes out to work, while my husband who's blind is our stay-at-home parent.  No one expects a father to come flying home every time their child goes to the principal's office, so why figure I'm going to need to drop everything?

In this age you would think that this would be something commonly accepted, however, I've found that it's not. 

So on to my goals for the New Year:

1) Finish my diploma course in Interior Decorating in April.  This will be my last semester.

2) Finish assembling my first portfolio.  This I started just before my camera took it's fateful fall, but with the new camera I believe I'll be able to get even better photos soon.  I'm also working on perspective drawings for the textural nursery and changing over some of my presentation workbooks to jpeg files from pdf files.

3) Find a position within the Interior Decor Field.  It's my dream to offer my keen understanding and sensitivity about special needs families to a firm.  With people aging in place and more "special needs" people proving yet again, that with courage and a willingness to do a few things different, that we all can expect the same things from life.

4) Continue blogging about how current design fits or doesn't fit within families with special needs.  There are so many things out there that are changing and many of them are actually great, however, I've seen some pretty badly laid out public spaces.

5) Finally have my sinuses operated on and get my stomach dealt with so that they won't interfere with my work and life anymore.  I am sick of being sick and won't take it anymore.

6) Take my son on a vacation this summer.  I haven't been on a vacation since my honeymoon 12 years ago.  I think we all deserve it.

That's the goal to begin the year with.  They may seem small, but I want to be practical rather than over extending myself and disappointing myself and those around me.

Right now, my goal today is to organize the Master Bedroom, by assembling a bookcase, getting the last of my packing unpacked (4 years later) and hopefully getting more space to move.  I'll be giving space for reference materials and my portfolio I hope also, but we'll see how much will fit.  I'm afraid personally I grew up in a place where the furniture out weighed the amount of people. (I dread inheriting that house and clearing it out. However, on the bright side it will make an excellent before and after house.)  I admire those that can live minimalist lives, but I have a hard time planning things when I have nothing to do it with.  I plan ahead and like things at my finger tips.  But today the Master Bedroom is now just a dumping ground for things that don't have homes yet and I can't live like that.  So in comes the New Year and on to the final push on the last of the organization in my life.

I Hope Everyone Success in the New Year!

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