Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally have something that might work for a business card, comments are welcome!

Comments are welcome.  I've yet to put down any documentation behind a company name yet. But here goes.

Card 1:
I like this one and it keeps with the pink within my blog space.

Card 2:
This one I'm not sure of as when it got scanned my contact information disappeared.

Card 3:

I like the off set style of this card and think I might gold emboss the top rectangle.

Card 4:
I think the background could be stronger by selecting an Ivory Linen paper.

Card 5:
I really like this card.  Just got the photo done by: Susan CosgroveGr

Sue is a great friend and specializes in Photography for Special Needs Families and photography for Services that serve Special Needs People and Families.  She'd be more then happy to help if you're in the Toronto Area and need a great shot for your Marketing also.

Card 6:
Okay, no logo and all neutral grays.  It seems almost lack luster when it's reprinted.  Perhaps some colour can make this one get a little better???

I would love to hear some reactions and find out which one's better.

Until later.

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