Thursday, January 20, 2011

From labels, photos and Art

      I've had such a busy few weeks I'm just taking a second to add this post to update on all the things I've found lately, from old school friends to a couple of Canadian Mom Companies that offer great products and services.

     First off, Kris Bovenizer an old friend from grade school has just started up a website on her artwork.  It's a must see, great sculpture and dimensional paintings, she's in the process of adding more to her site as I write.  Toronto born and raised, this is an artist with strong feminine feel to her work.

     Next up is a great company started by a couple of Moms looking for labels for kids stuff that actually live up to their claims.  With great colours, logos and personalized names these labels vary from iron-on, permanent stick, shoe labels to labels for pencils.  They've now ventured into kids stationary sets, kitchen, storage and electrical organizing labels.  Follow the site below and they will donate some of the proceeds to Easterseals.
Here's the way I've used their photos to easily identify one ingrediant from another within my own pantry.

     Here's a photographer who's in demand.  Specializing in portraits and portraits for special needs families.
Susan really works to capture the true person and not just an image of a person.  Below is a couple of photos of my son and my self she has taken.  From intimate to professional she has the talent to provide the photos you need.

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