Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last Semester Coming Up

15 more weeks until I graduate.  My last semester starts on Monday and I've practically gotten nothing finished beyond, Christmas Preparation, Storing all Christmas decorationa again, and a little more organization in the Master Bedroom.

It's snowing pretty badly today, but I need to go out and get a new journal for class, I can't scrapbook interesting images from the magazines I've got waiting.  Believe it or not these journals are still part of our grades and I'm in a mess of what I need to do during my day without one.  My husband doesn't understand that I feel like I'm in limbo without one, because he doesn't use this method.

I've got 3 ideas out of 10 needed for class of possible logos...sigh.  I just haven't had time to sit down and brainstorm.  Though I do have an idea for the designs for decorating dinnerware, so that's a good thing. 

My last textbook isn't here and it won't be here until 2 weeks into the semester, this is very disconcerting.  I only feel comfortable when I walk into class with everything needed for that class.  It's one of my few quirks.  I know I have to get out of this safe zone because I know my designs will feature parts that I will need to research and not have always at my finger tips.

I'm going to have to further add to my portfolio in print and online on Sunday, as well as get a good start on the journal.  I've got my time on the TTC subway to do some work if it's not too crowded and I've finally got my cell phone set up to use the internet and such. That I can only use during my above ground sections of my trip back and for to school.

Monday I've got Interior Decorating and Communications Classes so hopefully I'll be able to take the English Text into school and leave it in my locker as I'll have time after class to read it before going home.  As my classes end at 1:30 pm and I won't have to deal with interruptions at home while reading.

I'm actually looking forward to this semester, but I won't be comfortable until that last textbook is in my hands.

Until later everyone.

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