Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Nature Walk" with Benjamen

Okay, Toronto has NOT gotten off scot free from the winter snows.  I thought I'd toss up a few photos for getting us towards welcoming spring and all the beautiful, lively colours coming out this year.

My son is standing on the sidewalk, currently no one with a wheelchair, walker or canes can move outside as none of the apartments in the neighbourhood have bothered to remove the snow.  My husband can't even find the edge of the sidewalk so he can't navigate at all.  This is an annoyance we often have to deal with.

 The cars are sliding along, the salters have been out but it's just made it more slippery for everyone.
 Benjamen couldn't resist making snow angels, he went sledding for the first time at school.
 The snow is getting deep as we move through it.
 Stopped at Tim Hortons for a hot chocolate and saw the wind blowing snow off the trees outside.
 A tree outside our apartment building, note the snow, I love the scale of the tree to Benjamen.
 Benjamen wading through the snow towards home.
 The entrance to the park, I love the twisted angels of these sour apple trees.  We often see some of the neighbourhood kids climbing into them and sitting around in summer.
The weeping willow tree, leaf-less and covered in snow.

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