Sunday, January 30, 2011

IDS11 Inspirational Trip

I've only now recovered physically from the trek through IDS11.  I was there just soaking up everything and I must have taken over 200-300 photos, but I'm going to post a few things I just posting the great ones.

Enjoy! I know I did!

Brilliantly coloured paper products are making a splash of colour again in the Kitchen and Bathroom.  It's a conversation piece I can't wait to find a use for.

I fell in love with the Opera Chair by Hauser also. I just love the drape of the solid material and it's indoor/outdoor and found in many colours too.
Okay Here's a piece I find that fits within my scope of interests.  I often find my own husband frantically feeling about for the toast that has "gone into orbit" as he calls it. A simple set of wires put over the top of a toaster and the problem is solved.  This is by Krups.
I couldn't help but stop by and find out about the latest in the "Blackwatch" tartan by Alfred Sung.  It's the Scottish in me that gravitates to it I think. However, I did sit in one of the chairs and I have to say that for those short legged and can easily fit someone like my 6'-2" husband who's not skinny comfortably and without fear that it would break.  It's a limited outdoor set with a coffee table and sofa also.  But if I were forced to go and hurriedly change out the furniture in my living area, I'd put this in just because it seems so stable, durable and easy clean(big deal around here).  They do have cushions also.

I did stop by to hear most of what Thom Mayne had to say.  It was really interesting and my eyes didn't glaze over as I feared might happen.  He really did make sense when he was explaining about how he designs his buildings and inner spaces.

I was seeing the British flag here and there.  It seems that this trend is continuing and being fuelled by the Royal Engagement.  Elte has a rug created from bleached antique rug pieces that have been redyed Up Country was showing a sofa too.

These electric fireplaces caught my eye by Napoleon Fireplaces.  They would be great for little nooks in the wall of a livingroom like that little odd fifth wall some places have.

This next shelving comes from BLUM and I love it because short people like myself can actually open and close it with a touch. Push the door and it opens up.  Push a button found on either end of the cabinet and it closes.  Less dangerous than grabbing for the dining chair.  It's easy enough for people with arthritis to open and close also.  Perfect vertical storage space.
I'm afraid I didn't write down the designer's name of this bowl or the company selling it.  But I'd been dreaming of something similar for about a month now and I'm kicking myself.  I so want it.
School had me stop by the Ikea booth so here I am with their new shaker detailed dark cabinet kitchen doors and drawer fronts.  I've been sad ever since they stopped producing solid wood doors for their Billy bookcase series.  I just can't see it being safe to bring glass doors into my home yet.
Now I used to work with wood as a part-time business while I looked after my ailing parents.  So I have fond memories of making small folkart pieces in my father's basement. This coffee table is just lovely and the perfect conversation piece of a living room that sees lots of sun and chats over coffee. It's made by Urban Tree Salvage.

Para Paints had this great display and I see the trend of antique bird cages as display pieces are still around and here they are decorated with the 2011 Trend Colours.
Distinctive Appliances brought this range hood with a beautiful cityscape on it.  I could easily see this in an open concept kitchen in a beautiful condo.
This was something I found highly interesting, it's handmade and numbered.  Made to your tastes, it's inside is made of wood, you select the wood and what goes inside these is up to you.  I love the smooth shape and the surprise when opening it.  It reminds me of a faberge egg.  It's called the Aeropod by Dean Jackson these are limited only 49 will be made.
I know it's not original but when space is limited why not turn your wine collection into a temporary sculpture? Okay, I'd need steps to get to the top ones, Visex Concept.
Ok, but anyone that grew up in my generation just can't resist the fantasical patterns of Rollout wallpapers.  I've seen a chair they designed in this same pattern and just thought it was cool.  This is the company that creates the scan wallpaper too. Scan the wallpaper with your iPhone and get a picture.  So cool!
Whimsy never had it so good.  Function meets fun in these pieces of furniture.  Made by Alain Belanger and Jocelyne Sylvain.
I was rushing past this piano and couldn't help but take a picture.  I'm afraid I was bad and didn't note anything about the picture and now wish I did.  A purple upright with such sexy curves so contemporary, yet retro '50's in colour.
This picture tells you who makes it and I just love the hot vibe this take on a windsor type outdoor chair.
So 1960's it's called the "XXX" and it's found in the Avenue Road Stocked 2011 catelogue.  I love it! It's made of thick tempered glass, so it's not going anywhere and not easy to chip!
This is the sofa in the room designed by Glen and David Dixon.  I have to admit Glen is as animated and great to talk to as he is on TV.  I didn't catch his round bed on film, but it was just as Hollywood Glam as the sofa.  Glen said they made them round to encourage chatting and conversation as opposed to have to lean around people to talk to someone at the other end of the sofa.  Great idea if you have the space.
This is the ceiling of the Dixon room, it's all garden trellis like grid with oragami birds hanging from it.  I'm so glad I didn't have to fold all those but it's beautiful to see.
I caught Sarah Richardson's rooms also that she did with her brother, Theo Richardson.  They are both so talented and I love the Country Relaxed feel as opposed to the Dixon's Hollywood Glam.  I too love the feel of giving each room it's own character by giving it its own colour if you can.  With open concept it can be difficult. I was told Theo made this coat rack.  I love it because of it's random pegs can be moved as needed.
I love the different chairs being brought together my this cheery red.
I get the relaxed feel in this room and the idea of slowing down the creative flow and stress while work may just work here.  I think I might try this when I redecorate my small space.
All I can say is the Headboard! I love it, bold and bright, the detail of it reminds me of a Canadian Maple Leaf.  The lighting is perfect.
Well, other then posting photos taken for a very large class assignment I've finally unwound. I hope this isn't too long and it's given you some inspiration.  Yes, I'm as ecletic as the pictures above, but somehow it all comes together.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

From labels, photos and Art

      I've had such a busy few weeks I'm just taking a second to add this post to update on all the things I've found lately, from old school friends to a couple of Canadian Mom Companies that offer great products and services.

     First off, Kris Bovenizer an old friend from grade school has just started up a website on her artwork.  It's a must see, great sculpture and dimensional paintings, she's in the process of adding more to her site as I write.  Toronto born and raised, this is an artist with strong feminine feel to her work.

     Next up is a great company started by a couple of Moms looking for labels for kids stuff that actually live up to their claims.  With great colours, logos and personalized names these labels vary from iron-on, permanent stick, shoe labels to labels for pencils.  They've now ventured into kids stationary sets, kitchen, storage and electrical organizing labels.  Follow the site below and they will donate some of the proceeds to Easterseals.
Here's the way I've used their photos to easily identify one ingrediant from another within my own pantry.

     Here's a photographer who's in demand.  Specializing in portraits and portraits for special needs families.
Susan really works to capture the true person and not just an image of a person.  Below is a couple of photos of my son and my self she has taken.  From intimate to professional she has the talent to provide the photos you need.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally have something that might work for a business card, comments are welcome!

Comments are welcome.  I've yet to put down any documentation behind a company name yet. But here goes.

Card 1:
I like this one and it keeps with the pink within my blog space.

Card 2:
This one I'm not sure of as when it got scanned my contact information disappeared.

Card 3:

I like the off set style of this card and think I might gold emboss the top rectangle.

Card 4:
I think the background could be stronger by selecting an Ivory Linen paper.

Card 5:
I really like this card.  Just got the photo done by: Susan CosgroveGr

Sue is a great friend and specializes in Photography for Special Needs Families and photography for Services that serve Special Needs People and Families.  She'd be more then happy to help if you're in the Toronto Area and need a great shot for your Marketing also.

Card 6:
Okay, no logo and all neutral grays.  It seems almost lack luster when it's reprinted.  Perhaps some colour can make this one get a little better???

I would love to hear some reactions and find out which one's better.

Until later.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Nature Walk" with Benjamen

Okay, Toronto has NOT gotten off scot free from the winter snows.  I thought I'd toss up a few photos for getting us towards welcoming spring and all the beautiful, lively colours coming out this year.

My son is standing on the sidewalk, currently no one with a wheelchair, walker or canes can move outside as none of the apartments in the neighbourhood have bothered to remove the snow.  My husband can't even find the edge of the sidewalk so he can't navigate at all.  This is an annoyance we often have to deal with.

 The cars are sliding along, the salters have been out but it's just made it more slippery for everyone.
 Benjamen couldn't resist making snow angels, he went sledding for the first time at school.
 The snow is getting deep as we move through it.
 Stopped at Tim Hortons for a hot chocolate and saw the wind blowing snow off the trees outside.
 A tree outside our apartment building, note the snow, I love the scale of the tree to Benjamen.
 Benjamen wading through the snow towards home.
 The entrance to the park, I love the twisted angels of these sour apple trees.  We often see some of the neighbourhood kids climbing into them and sitting around in summer.
The weeping willow tree, leaf-less and covered in snow.