Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where my inspiration comes from...

I find my inspiration for many things in nature.  I often take my family for walks in the Don Valley throughout the year. I never fail to take my camera with me.  This is one photo that just happened without any effort but it lead to a series of fall photos in a display in my home.  There are 6 different ones and they surround a large handpainted fan with the seen of peacocks and water lilies on a black background. (A gift from my mother that I'm afraid I feel too guilty to get rid of.)
I've painted the wall behind it a waterfall green (light green) and the photos are now framed in simple bare wood frames. Over my well loved sofa in my livingroom.  I'll post a photo of the vingette after I've had a chance to clear out the mass of hot wheels and building blocks that have invaded my living room.

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