Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Beginnings

Since this is a new blog I'm going to start with the purpose of this blog as it starts out and we'll see if it stays to it or changes.

I've found that many people even in the design world won't touch much on clients that live with disabilities.  In this modern time more and more people with disabilities are becoming successful or have aged and are developing disabilities.  But their lives aren't ending, they expect to have friends and clients over.  They want their spaces to work for them and more.  They want to be able to enjoy these spaces.  They aren't just for utility for them.  Blind people don't live alone anymore, they marry and have children.  They want spaces that look good and work for them.  But how is this done?  What do you use?  What's out there already that needs just to be looked at from a different perspective?

I'm going to see what I can find and show how it can help.  Who has it and where?  I am in Canada so often I will be resourcing from there. 

I graduate from Humber College's Interior Decorating Program in April 2011 so I may just add a few personal experiences as I enter the world of Decorating and Design.

Until Later.  I'll just post these pictures to start things off.  This is an Ikea Dining Chair that I refurbished for a charity function put on by Humber College.  It shows my belief that there is a lot of truth in the old saying, "Form follows Function."

When I can post my work I will.  My likes and dislikes of different trends.  And I hope to pass on a little understanding of how life is different living with a small child and a blind husband.  How we look at and do things differently to come out with a relatively normal life.

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