Monday, November 15, 2010

Autocad and Toysrus Nightmare Visit

Well this week is my Autocad Exam this week.  I think I've finally figured out what the instructors were trying to teach and figured out what I was doing wrong.  Finally!!  I should get a good grade for this.
To further comment on my Toysrus experience.  A grandmother in a wheelchair had to be left outside the store because her wheelchair could not make the turns necessary to move through the aisles.  Is this right?  Is this fair?  Aren't they losing a chunk of sales?  Grandparent buy toys for kids more often than Parents.  It's the demographic least likely to buy off the internet.  So? Are they deliberately losing sales to put in more displays that they can't keep stocked with the toys people are actually looking for.
It's a pet peeve of mine but when I can actually come face to face with a physical manifestation.  I wonder if something more needs to be done now and not later.

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