Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still Around Just trying to wrap of some Assignments

I just wanted to drop this message to make sure that everyone knows I've not wandered off.  For the last five days I've been really sick, but getting better.  Today I made it down to the Kravet Showroom and was able to get sample for my sample board...Now I have to catch up on what I haven't been able to get done.  I think I won't get caught up for about a week.

I've got to try and write a contract( dumbie) and make up a furniture plan and sections/vingettes (The instructor couldn't wrap her head around which one she wanted.)  Grrrr.

On the weekend I've got to make up a 10 slide presentation of everything I've done for the proposal.  That should a few hours.

I've still got to set up the materials schedule, source a fireplace, source a BBQ and prep. centre, and source flooring/built-in/kitchen cabinets, frankly everything but the tile for the kitchen, lighting for everything. 

Then I'll have to draw everything and assemble the boards, budget, and presentation booklet.  Then there's the write up paperwork for entering the whole project into a contest with CDECA cross your fingers that my rendering skills get better.

Until later.

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