Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Challenge to Design and our Lives

I will learn from every bump in the road and from it I will gather more understanding towards my fellow human beings.

Today, we have finally got the diagnosis for my young son.  It is such a relief and it will create a challenge for us as a family to overcome.  He has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  He is a very mild case, but we are a proactive family and we will get him the care he needs.

That said. It now encourages me to pursue a position within the design field and research more into how interior design can help promote progress with my son and make everyday living easier for my husband as he wants to be a fully functioning father without his sight.

Here in this blog I will leave my musings and research in hopes that other designers and others with similar problems can find different ways to look at life and maybe even see great design from a different point of view.

There's a need out there that's just not being satisfied.  Everyone knows people in wheelchairs need ramps and elevators.  Even devices to help within a washroom or bedroom.

But when they make public spaces many designers give no thought about how a blind person will deal with getting from point A to point B.  Many people just don't think that they can have lives with spouses and children. 

Let me tell you guiding a blind person is a time consuming process and many large spaces are almost cavernous because of the finishes used that cause voices to echo and make it difficult to guide the blind person to a specific place.  Dividing railings and doors that open in an unexpected fashion (note: spinning doors, silent automatic doors).  These all can lead to injury and time wasted reorienting the blind person.  Even a plant placed too closely to a door can cause difficulty.

Yes it's getting better but we all have a long way to go to truly make design better for everyone.  I've a pet peeve with stores and how they are again crowding their aisles with cardboard displays that become a tripping hazard to blind people, a mess for employees who have to clean up after the display is destroyed, and how they block the way for wheel chairs and scooters.

Those are just a few of my reasons for looking at how Interior Design and Decorating can make a better world. Until next time.

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  1. This is going to be great ! I am glad you are getting this going! Looking forward to seeing that texturaly nursery too...