Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on the thesis work

I've handed in my thesis project on time, though it was really a crunch for time.  Some of the other students were actually at the printers at 3am yesterday.  Okay, I wasn't that bad, I got to the printers at 2pm Sunday only because I stopped to add a leg of lamb to the oven for Easter dinner. 

I did get Easter dinner made, but I didn't get the apartment cleaned up before the family converged on my place, so please don't see me as a Martha Stewert type. 

Now that graduation is in sight I'll be reconsidering a new site where people can find out how to contact me, the locations I will be serving and the types of services.

I need to have an operation and will be taking the month of May/June 2011 to recover.  Then I will start the process of setting up shop.  The types of services I'll be starting with are Colour consultations, Organization services and space planning.  Other services will be offered through direct consultation with me.

I've already put my application for membership with CDECA (Canadian Decorator's Association) and IDRC (Interior Decor Resources Canada). 

I hope in May/June to roll out my business logo and marketing materials, flesh out my portfolio with some before and after photos in June/July of a bathroom and boy's bedroom.

There will also be more guest blogs mentioned here and further blog posts on home decor that looks great and has benefits often the designer hasn't thought of.

Until then

Interior Decorator

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