Monday, April 4, 2011

Just got the chance to look at Elte/Ginger's Spring 2011 Catalog

Okay, I just got my hands on the Elte/Ginger's Spring 2011 Catalog and I've found a number of great pieces in it that fit really well into my design philosophy.

Elte/Ginger's Spring 2011 Catalog

What do I mean? Well the trends Elte are following are many layered and tell a story. The way they are doing this is with a blending of styles so that you get a feel of reflective surfaces, exotic patterns, textured surfaces, mixed finishes, modern neutrals and hints of bright colours.

The textured woods remind me of naturally aged wood that just tells it's well lived story through it's gritty grain.  So homey and with the addition of reflective metals it keeps at bay the overly rustic, cottage feel of the piece.  These are truly contemporary pieces.

With the economy the way it is, more people are entertaining at home.  But, we all want that well travelled feel in our spaces and this catalog provides many great examples of the exotic feeling pieces and you don't need to theme a room in total zebra print to get a great conversation going.

Pieces that I love from this catalog:

   -   Modernist II Floor Light - It's great because you can tuck it into a corner for a simple reading nook in a small space without it interfering with getting in and out of a chair or the traffic flow.  It also won't over power a room design.  It's definiately a piece to invest in.  In a room, this piece could tell a sight impaired person exactly where they are just by the feel of it.
   -   Fifteen Tails Ceiling Light - this piece addresses a pet peeve I've had with similar pieces, the metalic lower half of the bulbs lessens the glare when you look up at it and reflects more light into the room. 
   -   Mendoza Cocktail Table - It's a piece with a story, the life the wood has lived is preserved.  You can almost see the wisdom in the wood, while the mirrored metal legs keeps it from looking like it belongs at the cottage.  This is a great representation of a contemporary piece.
   -   Sayers Arm Chair - okay I know this style of chair has been over done, but I still love it for it's elegance and this one has the twit of the minimal finish of the wood.  It looks like it's been around forever and has it's own stories to tell.  I can see my cat taking a nap in this chair, she's always had a taste for elegant things.
   -   Cow Skull - This is a guy thing, great for a man cave. It's a textural and a piece of art that someone could really feel.  It's relaxed on it's own but with the Strathmore Console Table reflecting the form of the skull it's not trapped in a Cowboy Themed Bar.
   -   Pintas Rug - I currently live on the ground floor without heating in the floors, so I love rugs.  This rug reminds me of a structured pelt on the floor.  I love to get on the floor and play with my son and this rug looks so soft and welcoming.
   -   Carlton Pendants - these lights would be great for a simple kitchen island or over a stair case.  They are simple and not over powering of the space, letting other things take the stage of conversation.
   -   Gold Leaf Mirror and Zikat Ottoman - These are great examples of the travel inspired pieces that are used without overpowering a room.  I love the mirrors.  Never be afraid of pattern, it's not what you necessarily use, but how much.  The same with colour.
   -   Second Life Rugs - What can I say? Old rugs, bleached, redyed, and reassembled into a whole new rug.  Love them.  The colours are bold and bright, you can see hints of the old patterns too, which gives them that hint again of a story to tell.  If you have a neutral room, this is a great place to start to add colour to the room without fearing to go over the top.  I love the Second Life Orange and Second Life Patchwork Flag.  The flag rug would be where I'd start off an entertainment room with for myself.
   -   Door knockers and Antique Door Knobs - Reflective metal letter door knockers, I love this piece and need something right now.  My personal favorite door knob is the Colette door knob, because it reminds me of the door knobs I grew up with.
   -   Timeless Glass Urn and Mercury Glass Covered Jar -  These are great throughout the house, I like them because no one is looking at my q-tip collection and wondering why I need so many.  They are great to catch the keys at the end of the day or even to hold an interesting collection of things on a cocktail table to add to the conversation.

It's a great offering and I recommend you take a peek at it too.  It's just full of inspiration and ideas to make a space a great place to be.

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