Friday, February 18, 2011

Textural Nursery Part 2

I've just started to explore Google's Sketchup Program and find it fasinating.

Below are a few pictures of my first attempt to turn the Textural Nursery into a reality again.  Just in time for my son, Ben to ask me to repaint his room too! Well at least this last paint colour lasted 4 years.

For those that don't know what I'm talking about this is a rough reproduction of the Nursery I created for my husband, whom is blind, so that he could be a fully functioning father.  Yes! This means he never complained when changing a diaper or burping his son! 

On the shelf above the crib is a green lamp that has 1 15W chandelier bulb in it.  The back of it was later removed and attached to the wall, the switch is on the cord. It has a picture of Teddy bears playing in a treehouse.  The frame actually has a teddy bear wearing a sweat and oddly someone gave my son a teddy bear named, "Jaden" that looks almost identical to the teddy bear in the picture.

The brown pictures were a couple of small puzzles I found with teddy bears in them that I put together with glue and card backing.  With 3M picture velcro used to keep them on the walls, Ben has removed them so many times to "look" at them that I've lost count.

The baskets are sorted to hold all the things needed for an individual job.  Just grab and do. No worrying about mixing up the baby lotion with the baby body wash.  With no rug on the floor, it meant no hazard for tripping.  We did later add a green curtain that matched the bed, but it obscured the window in the photo.  The baskets were actually lined in the same dark green too.

This was done with less then $800 CAN, the bed was left behind by a roommate.  I made the curtain which slid on an adjustable shower curtain rod.  The crib and change table were from Sears and later destroyed after the second recall on them. 

The white container was for cloth diapers, we had an environmentally responsible diaper service clean and keep us stocked.  This is a diaper pin free nursery, another request from my husband as he feared poking Ben and himself.

The blue bin is a rubbermaid container used to store the copious amounts of stuffed animals.  It now says Ben's Stuffy Box in I'm afraid bold black marker.

I will take pictures of his room as it is now before I redecorate it this summer.  He wants green and race cars, such a boy.

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