Sunday, February 13, 2011

12th Wedding Anniversary

Okay, I've taken the night off work and such to go for dinner and a movie with my husband for the first time in over 2 years. 

Left the little guy with Grandma and wouldn't you know it.  He gets a fever!  Happy Anniversary to Us. 

Pictures to come in the next blog as I've tired myself out too much right now to upload them.

Just a tip.  If you love a true feel good movie that leaves you feeling like marriage really has meaning and people do have potential to overcome anything.  The go see "The King's Speech".  My husband who's blind got up at the end and said, "That was well worth the price.  I enjoyed it."

I loved the details they added to the different sets.  From the Estates and Palaces to the comfortable home of the common man to the basement office of a poor man who was only trying to help those that needed and wanted help.

I believe this movie will give recognition that everyone that's got a "social"/"physical" barrior is also truly a human on the inside.  We all have feelings, issues and experiences.  Just let us express them in our own ways and just maybe we all will learn something.

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