Saturday, December 18, 2010

Portfolio Creation

I've just found I can post my portfolio on my linked in profile.  I'm now organizing photos by project and posting them as I go. Keep a look out on twitter and facebook for each new project posting.

I'd love to get a critique on it all as it goes up so that I can adjust it so that it's more effective. 

Tonight I'm going to try to finish my baking, but I'm probably looking at too much to do so I'll have to finish it tomorrow night.

I'll get the furniture moved (have have to) tonight and decorate tomorrow also.  So working on the portfolio and logos until Monday night.

However, I did get the LinkedIn book read on Friday on the trip to and from my final exam.

Is it me or am I finally a Type "A" personality?  I did take time out today to make popcorn and cranberry strings with my son, so I'm hoping he won't suffer from my attempts to get things done on time with time to actually spare for the actual holidays.

We've decided that it would make sense to move my desk and a few things from a corner for the tree this year.  It's an adventure every year to figure out where the tree and moved furniture will go so that there are safe paths for my husband and my son can't destroy other things during the holiday season that he normally can't get his hands on.

It's had me thinking that when you decorate any home, shouldn't all seasons play a part in the way the space is layed out?  Where does the tree go?  Will there be a tree at all? Does your client wish to reuse old decorations, family keepsakes and such that are season specific?  I know that I have decorations that date back to my childhood and I have others that date back to my first Christmas with my husband.  All have memories and I'm sorry they just DON'T fit into today's colour schemes.

My mother believed in more colours, more lights, and yet more plastic and fake things.  While making the popcorn chains with my son I had memories of my mother owning a plastic popcorn chain.  It makes me all the more sensitive to how our ways to living is changing to accept more environmentally sound ways of living.

I don't wrap stocking stuffers, yet my mother spent hours and hours carefully wrapping every little thing that would go into every stocking.  I'd rather add a few extra stocking stuffers that someone could use than killing a tree so it can just be torn apart.  We have stockings and bags to house the small gifts, and because we don't have a fireplace we hang garlands from a large fan that hangs above our sofa and use clear 3M hooks to hold the stockings until Christmas Eve.

I grew up in a home with no fireplace and we didn't bring out the stockings until Christmas Eve when they were stuffed.  I always felt that we lost those icons of Christmas that way, so every year now I make a point of hanging the stockings the weekend before Christmas....I'm running out of weekend and I can't get my son to sleep he keeps coming out of his room and so, getting the tree and decorations will have to be added to the list of things to do tomorrow.

Perhaps, Grandma can take my son for a couple of hours as I hunt down all the boxes and figure out how to put up the Christmas Tree again.  One of the cats tore up the instructions years ago because someone spilt peppermint tea on it...long story.  Let's just say 3 out of 10 cats react to peppermint like all the others react to catnip...and I have one....sigh...I miss peppermint tea.

I honestly don't know how I'm going to get everything done with my son home all day now.  He's just a ball of energy that if he's not directed will be come a power of destruction.  I am trying to think of ways of including him in Christmas preparations however, with his ASD (Autism) you think he understands something, when infact he's not taken anything in.  This can be dangerous.  So when you decorate or with people like my son, one has to take into account that no matter how many times you tell them not to do something, they will still do it the first time your back is turned.  I love him dearly but I fear for him also.

We've taken to having no alcohol in the house, medication is always taken in a room he's not in and hidden behind closed doors he can't reach.  I'm getting tired.  Maybe, I'll sqeeze in measuring Ben's room so I can input the information into AutoCAD next week.  Until later.

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