Saturday, December 11, 2010

I must be evil. School's almost over and Christmas To-Do List is long.

Hubby's down with a cold and son is getting one.  I'm off to the grocery store to get the ingredients for all my Christmas Baking.  I'll take photos and post the recipes in my next post.  I'm still having problems with coming up with possible logos.  I actually need it for next semester even though I don't think I'll break out on my own right away.

I believe I will make this year, rockyroad squares, butterscotch/peanut butter squares, traditional gingerbread and old fashioned Scottish Style Shortbread.  I'll make an Apple Crisp Pie for dessert on Christmas Eve.  I make everything right down to the cranberry sauce from scratch so that I can minimize the sugar content of Christmas Dinner for the diabetics that end up at my table.  There's 2-3 every year.

I make my treats as gifts for people like my superintendent, housekeeper, paper delivery person, etc.  I also keep more frozen with a little in the refridgerator incase friends or family drop in unexpected.  Actually, it's more expected that they will give at most a 30 minute heads up as they get off the highway.  So, there's no way to say, no politely, got to love them.

I've got a rehab appointment at noon and then shopping.  Then finally I'll wrap up the bugaboo (means a small goblin with a mischievious nature) and take him to see Santa.  I just hope today will be a good day for him.  Some days his ASD rears it's head more than others.  It will be a nightmare if it does with his father being so grumpy from his cold.

I just got a package with a book in it, "Photoshop Elements for Dummies".  My hubby actually ordered it for me and it showed up the same day as I handed in my assignment that I needed it for.  "Isn't it ironic?"

So now I have lots to do over the Christmas and New Year's Holiday.  I want to post some ideas for Logos, re-create our textural Nursery, catch up on reading my magazines, brush up on AutoCAD and learn more about Photoshop.  All around decorating, baking, present shopping, wrapping, entertaining and the great clean up before and afterwards. 

Sigh...I am too much of an 'A' type personality.  I will make it clear now that if I can get half of all that done I will be happy. I promise myself not to beat myself up for not finishing it all.

Prediction, Hubby and son's cold will be gone for Christmas and I'll be flat on my back with it.  It always happens like that.  Season's Greetings Everyone.

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